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Inner Critic Investigation, Day 5

Only one left after this, and it’s a biggie, so I’ll be tackling it tomorrow.

Archive and background:
Day 1. What’s your story?
Day 2. What are you trying to protect me from?
Day 3. What do you treasure?
Day 4. What should I be doing instead of working?

Day 5. What makes you [the inner critic] happy?

I like it when you go with the safer option. When you pull your punches while writing, instead of going with your gut. When you stop to think about how you’re presenting yourself before you speak your mind. When you don’t jump to create once you’ve got an idea because you think you need to mull it over for longer.

When you wait for the right time, the right conditions to create. When you rewrite the same paragraph for an hour, even though it’s not for a final draft.

When you start a project and then abandon it because you think you don’t have the skills to finish. When you don’t even start on a project because you’ve been taught to never start what you may not be able to finish.

But most of all, I love it when you look at your to-do list on any given day, and put other people’s projects before your own. You’re really good at that.

…eh. When she’s right, she’s right.

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  1. Mooncorebunny Mooncorebunny

    That conflicts with the previous day’s critic, who insists you ought to work harder lest you fail… Now it also prefers not to work at all for fear of failing. 😮

    • Noxy Noxy

      Being consistent is not in her job description!

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