Week 3 of 2019 in Review

Trying out a new post format, both to keep a record of my year and to share good content:

  1. Reading: Widdenshins the comic. A delightful magic-infused set in a semi-Victorian light-steampunk world. There are seven volumes published to date comprising a major story arc – and you can read it all online here.
  2. Listening: Ragnatalk by Anthony Carboni and Chuck Wendig, a podcast dedicated to an in-depth discussion of the movie Thor: Ragnarok. It’s both hilarious and great insight into storytelling.
  3. Also listening: Short Change Hero by The Heavy. Been obsessed with that song ever since I heard it in the opening cinematic of Borderlands 2.
  4. Playing: Borderlands 2. I was late to the console party, and I had to play through several easier games before attempting a first-person shooter. The game has an excellent story and is chock full of extremely colorful characters. Here’s a video showcasing one of the all-time fan favorite, Tiny Tina.
  5. Uh, apping? Encouraged by Nicole Dieker, who is known for her work on the Writing and Money podcast series and The Billfold website, I tried YNAB aka You Need a Budget in order to get a better idea of where my money’s going, and it’s been very educational so far.
  6. Cooking: pre-Brexit Britain is probably the worst time and place to do a Pantry Challenge, but I’ve been doing a softcore version thereof by cooking something with just the stuff in the house, at least once a week. This week featured a buckwheat and veg faux saag (scroll to the very bottom of the post for the recipe)
  7. Random thing I really liked: the complaints of medieval scribes recorded in the margins:

Grain and veg saag-like thing

  • Dice an onion and tomato, and fry them in some vegetable oil until the onion is transparent or light brown.
  • Make the resulting mixture resemble a saag by adding turmeric, cumin and mustard seeds. Stir the spices in until everything looks yellow and smells nice.
  • Add other vegetables of choice, diced or chopped. I used a mix of chickpeas and spinach. If using frozen veg, blast them in the microwave first. Stir in and cook for a few minutes.
  • Cook a grain of choice to the ready-to-eat state (rice, buckwheat, quinoa, whatever). Drain if necessary, dump into the frying pan, stir everything together, cook some more depending on how mushy or crispy you want it.
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