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Inner Critic Investigation, Day 7

The week of prompts has reached the end, and I can’t believe how eye-opening it has been. It’s not like I didn’t know the things my inner critic has been saying, but the main breakthrough, for me, was being able to separate this voice from the rest of my thoughts, and acknowledge that it’s up to me to heed or ignore it.

Now, for the last time, the recap of the questions I’ve asked my inner critic this week:
Day 1. What’s your story?
Day 2. What are you trying to protect me from?
Day 3. What do you treasure?
Day 4. What should I be doing instead of working?
Day 5. What makes you happy?
Day 6. What’s the worst thing you have ever done?

Now for the finale:

Day 7. How to annoy your inner critic: a list

– Write random stuff for fun, even if it doesn’t end up being a project

– Set/move other people’s deadlines to accommodate for your own projects (they’ll live, I’ve checked)

– Turn down projects that you don’t have the time for

– Make art without making a big deal out of it

– Take pride and pleasure in your work

– Submit your work to markets and competitions way out of your league (and within your league as well, if you want to)

– Take care of yourself

– Listen to your body’s and mind’s needs, and act on them

– Get up and go to bed at the hours that make your day productive, not when productive people are “supposed” to

– Reach out to people and make connections

– Ask for help

– Clear up things you don’t understand, ask questions (no, you won’t ruin your reputation)

– Look for writing advice if you feel like it

– Apply or ignore such advice as you feel appropriate in your given situation

– Go with your gut

– Be vulnerable and real, screw “what will people think”

– Write blog series like this one

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