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Analog Stuff is Sexy

During the latest chapter edit, I found myself googling a lot of analog audio devices, mostly to make sure I was using the right words for stuff. And I’ve got to say, one of my favorite aspects of writing about an amateur radio station set in a post-apocalyptic setting (so amateur it makes Fallout 3’s Three Dog and his Galaxy News look cutting-edge) is the sheer sexiness of the things involved in it.

I’m also in the middle of reading The Revenge of Analog by David Sax, which is a truly fascinating account of the revival of such things as LPs, physical film,board games, and, of course, paper notebooks, with my dearly beloved Moleskine front and center in that last section.

But before you run off to read about analog or purchase new notebooks, join me on a quick tour of my novel’s radio station, Cloud FM. All words are mine, while the pictures are scavenged from different corners of the internet, proof positive that many people out there agree with me: analog stuff is sexy!

On the desk, there are two pairs of headphones, some boxes and wires I don’t know the purpose of, and a record player, stacked with a handful of black LPs.

There’s also a console with lots of sliders, like you’d see at the side of a stage, where the sound guy does something mysterious while a band is rocking out.

The headphones,the proper over-the-ear kind, with brown leather earpads, cracked but still soft, are plugged into a large reel-to-reel player.

And one more, just because I was really happy to see that people still make these things…


A light bulb hangs from the ceiling, in a weird black lamp shade. It takes me a moment to see that the lamp shade is made of a molten vinyl record.


Photo credits, in order: GratisographyBjørn Egil Johansen via Wikimedia Commons, Pxsphere, Pascal via Flickr, Everfalling via Flickr, and TheLightStore on Etsy.

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