Who is Maria Stanislav?


fallout_moiI was born in 1985. One year later, my dad took a baby me on a lovely afternoon stroll in bright sunshine. Less than a hundred miles away, the Chernobyl Power Plant was melting down in the biggest non-military nuclear disaster in recorded history.

Fast-forward thirty years. I’m still waiting for my superpowers to manifest, but I do have a nearly(?) unhealthy fascination with post-apocalyptic scenarios of nuclear destruction. I also have a soft spot for goggles, and have logged an embarrassing number of hours in Fallout: New Vegas.

When I’m not exploring post-apocalyptic wastelands, I write about my own version of one. There’s going to be a six-book series, and book one of it, titled Dust and Metal, will be making its way to you some time in late 2016-early 2017 (stay tuned for a release date!).

I also collab comic books with the small yet formidable Emmi Bat, who is responsible for 100% of visual art on this website. (Love you, Emmi.) We like to hit various cons in the UK, so if you’d like to meet me for a chat, keep an eye out for updates on those.

If you want to get in touch with me without tracking me down in New California or chasing me around the UK’s comic conventions – feel free to hit me up on twitter or shoot me an email at Firebird at maria-stanislav.com.

That’s enough about me. Go check out all the shiny art, instead!



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